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Bangor (USA) Destination Information

Bangor Information with Cheap Flights Booker

Bangor, Maine is New England´s best kept secret. It´s located in central Maine and only 90 minutes from Canada. Bangor is a place to visit when you need to reconnect with nature and experience a city void of traffic jams. It´s ideal for the traveler who enjoys the outdoors. Outdoor Recreation Bangor has its abundance of wilderness trails for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing. With 18 different trails, City Forest is one of the best locations for these activities. Each trail has a different difficulty level, so be sure to check with a park official before you set off on your journey. City Forest also provides a great location to view wildlife and photograph the nature around you. There is a broadwalk constructed over the bog here that measures 4,200 feet. Bring a compass and a map for your safety. If you have the pleasure of visiting Bangor during the spring you can take part in the annual Kenduskeag Stream race. Every year Bangor residents and visitors race across the stream to mark the end of winter. Over 500 canoeists and kayakers take part in the excitement. The event happens on the third Saturday of April every year. Whether you are participating or just watching, this is an event that can´t be missed. The Arts of Bangor Bangor is a great place to go if you need some inspiration, so it´s no surprise that the city is home to many art galleries and museums. The University of Maine Art Museum is located in downtown Bangor. It´s a lovely place to spend an afternoon and view some very unique pieces of work. Operating hours are Monday through Saturday until 5:00 pm. The Bangor Museum and Center for History is another wonderful attraction. There are over 10,000 artifacts from the 1840s until present day. If you´re visiting with children go to the Maine Discovery Museum. Kids will love the interactive aspect and parents will love the education side of the experience. Fun For Every Season This is a place where season comes alive and dances before your eyes. Winter brings mounds of snow that looks as if spoon-fulls of whipped cream had fallen from the sky. Skiing areas are plentiful and ice-skating on one of the frozen lakes seems to be straight out of a movie. As parks and gardens bloom with beauty during the spring, you´ll find the ideal weather for a picnic in the park. The Sun must spend its summers in Bangor because the days are filled with warmth and sunshine for any outdoor adventure. Fall, perhaps the most amazing of all, turns the trees colors that God himself must have painted. This is the perfect time to snap some gorgeous photographs. Bangor is a destination that provides beauty and activities for its visitors year-round.

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