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Butte (USA) Destination Information

Butte Information with Cheap Flights Booker

The people of Butte are split between really horrible people and really kind people. It´s highly unlikely that you´ll be assaulted while pumping gas, as the above passage insinuates. While Butte may not be the most desirable place to live, it does have many redeeming qualities. There are a lot of excellent restaurants in Butte. Additionally, the architecture of the buildings in historic uptown Butte is unparalleled. The history behind Butte is phenomonal, and the people on the positive end of the spectrum are incredibly friendly, knowledgable of the history of this mining town, and eager to tell you all about it. Additionally, the World Museum of Mining is located here, and is a fun and educational destination. If you´re thinking of relocating, Butte offers low paying jobs and run-down housing. However, if you´re traveling through the area, or just looking for a place to visit, I would highly recommend stopping in Butte.

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