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Guadalajara (Mexico) Destination Information

Guadalajara Information with Cheap Flights Booker

Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco province, and the second most important city in the country. The city is a Spanish colonial atmosphere with a contemporany air, although it is the agricultural, commercial and industrial centre of the western highlands, and one of the most important cultural cities in American continent. Guadalajara have more than 4 million people in its metropolitan area, in recent years have experimented an amazing renovation. Guadalajara is the capital of the Mariachi and the Tequila, the city celebrated its 450th anniversary in 1992. Throughout the centuries, the city has become rich in history, and to this day, many of the historic buildings still stand as reminders of the significance the city. One of the main attractions in town is the Cathedral which has a number of altars and a big art collection. Another town atractions are the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, it has a variety of mural painted by Jose Clemente Orozco one of the greatest muralist in America, the building now is protected by UNESCO, Degollado teather, Governor palace, There are also a lot of parks around the city, the Parque Agua Azul and the Parque Colomos, are most noteworthy. Around the Cathedral there are another open spaces, where you can see local artist and art expositions, and around beatiful gardens and peatonal ways. Guadalajara is the shopping capital of Mexico, have a very extensive variety of products to offer, like handcrafts, fine pieces of art and its bigs malls offer a lot of fashion products, but without lost his colorful markets with local products (an excelent souvenir). If you are looking for tradional handcrafted items (including clothes) visit San Juan de Dios, an outdoor/indoor market located near Parque Morelos were you can find delicious tradional ice cream (raspados). There you will find a vast array of colorful items. Guadalajara Have a very extensive gastronomical offer, that includes the little fast food restaurants named "Fondas" where you can eat the local flavor, to the most elegant and fine restaurant than offer all kind of dishes from all around the world including mexican food. Guadalajara have a vast variety of festivals trought the year, February celebrate the foundation of the city, in March International Cinema Festival, May the international cultural festival, September the international festival of Mariachi and Charreria, the October fairy and December the International Fairy Book "FIL" the most Important in the american continent.

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