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Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) Destination Information

Kilimanjaro Information with Cheap Flights Booker

The controversy over the Nile originating from Kilimanjaro spurred African exploration and European imperialism. German explorers and missionaries arrived to ‘discover’ the truth and to attempt to convert the natives to Christianity. Eventually, treaties were formed with the Wachagga and the German, Carl Juhlke. The British also formed treaties with locals to the north, in Taveta, which will later result in the current border between Kenya and Tanzania. The Wachagga is a new tribe, only establishing itself within the last hundred years. Where do they live? The Wachagga can be found in northern Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro region. They live on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, where banana groves flourish to provide the people with their main staple food. Especially, you may visit the village Machame/Uduru in Hai district, about 20 km from Moshi town. Uduru, also known as Kiduru in Kimachame, means "an elevated area or top of a hill." Similarly, before being globally known as Kilimanjaro, it was named Kelemakyaro by the Wachagga, meaning "a high mountain and the mountain of God."

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