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Quebec (Canada) Destination Information

Quebec Information with Cheap Flights Booker

As early as the 1800s, the area of Mont Tremblant was noticed for it´s abundant natural resources, especially timber. The American pulp and paper industry used the forests of Mont Tremblant until the 1930s as their supplier. As many Irish and Scottish were moving into Canada as immigrants, Father Antoine Labelle thought it his duty to expand colonization of the land in the dream that all of the French Canadians would follow suit and move North, leaving the new immigrants to themselves. It may have taken time, but around the early 1900s, the tourism to to Mont Tremblant started in full force. Throughout the 1900s, tourism skyrocketed. The Wheeler family founded Gray Rocks, which to this day is one of the most popular resorts in the area. This resort, even since the 1920s, Gray Rocks has been popular amongst ski enthusiasts. In 1936, an American millionaire then opened Mont Tremblant Lodge which immediately attracted large amounts of guests. Today, Mont Tremblant is said to be a first-class tourist destination with stunning scenery and a peacefulness that can´t be found but in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Present Day Today, Mont Tremblant´s airport has grown international, with flights from New York and Toronto. The area of Mont Tremblant is also the home of Mont Tremblant National Park. In this area, you can stay on the shores of the Lac de Cypres in huts called yurts, which are the equivalent of the homes used by nomads in the Central Asian steppes. Cabin rentals are also available if you want to live modern without the price of the surrounding resorts. Huts and camping areas are also available. Winter´s are long and cold in this area, though, so be prepared for whichever season you visit! Saint Jovite is a town that has merged with Mount Tremblant to give tourists more opportunities for activities. It is a beautiful and rustic village that offers the modern amenities of restaurants, shopping, lodging and an exciting nightlife. In this area, you will even find motels and inns for those that don´t have a lot of extra money to spend on a resort stay. The restaurants located in the hotels and inns boast of being both affordable and high-quality. You don´t have to stay at their accommodation to eat in their restaurant, simply make a reservation. Saint Agathe and Saint Donat are also in the area, so you have the chance to see all of these beautiful villages!

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