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Sarajevo (Bosnia And Herzegovina) Destination Information

Sarajevo Information with Cheap Flights Booker

Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the years after the split up of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Sarajevo went through a few very rough years. Over the last few years, the situation has become more stable and now it is possible to visit Sarajevo again. It has always been an important crossways for different cultures of the world. Because of its location on the Balkan diagonal, since ancient times it has acted as gateway for the people of Greece and Asia Minor migrating towards the midwest of Europe or vice versa. Sarajevo is also situated on the crossroads which runs along the valleys of the Bosna and Neretva rivers and connects northern Europe with the Mediterranean Sea and its traditions. Thanks to its geographical position, since its origins it has been influenced by a great number of different cultures and civilizations which came together, struggled against one another, but then intermingled and reconciled on this same land. Sarajevo is currently undergoing major transformation. Schools, facilities, and other objects are being reconstructed, new trees planted, new street lights are being installed, new tram stops, new billboards... Just about everything is to be changed (for better). The Turkish old town also known as Bascarsija is basically rebuilt (except for the National Library). The new town is also being transformed with many rebuilt high rises, and restaurants are being opened all over the city, The two tallest towers in the Balkans are curently being constructed. Many religious buildings have also been rebuilt, wich is giving Sarajevo´s old spirit back, of religious tolerence. Many of it´s former Serbian and Croatian residents are moving back to their former homes. Sarajevo, will surely once again become one of Europes most beautiful cities!

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