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Sylhet (Bangladesh) Destination Information

Sylhet Information with Cheap Flights Booker

Sylhet is located in the north of Bangladesh in a tea growing area. The region is very beautiful and the scenic tea plantations and lush green tropical forests are the main reason to come here. The Sylhet valley is formed by the Surma and the Kushiara river. The area is a sanctuary to migratory birds who fly from Siberia across the Himalayas to avoid the severe cold there. Sylhet was orginally a part of India under British Rule. After the end of British Rule win 1947 Sylhet became a part of Pakistan and later Bangladesh. Sylhet came under East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) after a criticized referrendum. As it has Muslim Majority most voted to be a part of East Pakistan. Sylhet is Rich in Cultural and Historical aspects. Sylhet is typically a very touristy part of Bangladesh as it is famous for the rolling tea plantations that are a sight of beauty. It is one of the largest tea producing areas of the world and a lot of British royalty preferred it as their vacation spot during the time of the british Raj. There are still people with mixed ethnicity as a lot of British people ended up settling there. Sylhet has a big population with mixed turkish ancestry. Including the patron saint, Shah Jalal who is said to have come from Konya, Turkey to spread sufism. It is not uncommon to see people who are light skinned and light coloured eyes in Sylhet. Sylhet has beautiful waterfalls and hiking areas. There are widespread developments of resorts and touristic areas in Sylhet at the present time. It is not one to be missed.

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