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Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) Destination Information

Victoria Falls Information with Cheap Flights Booker

The ´Vic Falls´ are the most beautiful waterfalls in Africa, if not the world. The Falls are about 1000km from the source of the Zambezi River in western Zambia. Towards the end of a normal rainy season the flow of water over the Falls reaches 500 000 cu m per minute. The towering column of spray when the river is high can be seen from over 20 km away, and the thunder of the falling water will take your breath away. Politically speaking the Victoria Falls is the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. You can visit the falls on both sides, but the Zimbabwean side is considered by many to be the more beautiful with direct viewing of the "Devil´s Cataract" and "Rainbow Falls" Until only a few years ago, Victoria Falls was a major tourist destination with parties abounding in all the clubs and backpackers. Today, because of the politically volatile situation, most tourists have deserted in favor of Livingstone, on the Zambian side. The town of Victoria Falls, however, is within easy walking distance of the falls and there are still may places providing safe, comfortable accomodation. Personal safety is not a major issue; instead, beware of scam artists. It is not worth dealing money on the black market - you are likely to be either ripped off by the dealer or arrested by the tourism police. In Zimbabwe, practically all tourist activities and your hotel room will have to be paid in $US or £, or your hotel will be able to exchange money at the current "official" exchange rate. There are many safaries that can be taken in the area (some stay in Zimbabwe or Zambia, and some will travel up the river into Botswana to see even more large game), and if you like whitewater rafting, one can´t pass the opportunity to "raft the gorge" on the Zambezi below the falls. For those of you looking for even more of a thrill, there is a bungee jump set up on the bridge crossing between Zimbabwe and Zambia (you have to leave the country through immigration to get there). Visitors can kayak, canoe, fish, go on guided walking safaris, ride on horseback, lunch on Livingstone´s Island and in addition to the well-known "Flight of Angels", for the more adventurous there is microlighting with stunning views of the Fall. By the way, during the dry season the flow can be very minimal. It is difficult to see the Falls during the peak flow as the heavy spray obscures the Falls themselves. The mist off the falls maintains a rainforest surrounding the falls. The Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several game viewing opportunities in the area.

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